The Sacred Journey of Healing Oneself is not all Love and Light

The phrase “Love and Light” is used across the modalities of holistic healing, nonchalantly used in various situations, such as signing off, sending vibes to those who wrong us, the list goes on. 

It is used as a generic answer to the more challenging questions. How can we overcome times of darkness? Love and Light. How can we raise our vibration? Love and Light. How can we chase entities out of our energetic fields? Love and Light. 


Although there are many times when sending love and light vibration to a situation is the correct course of action, particularly if it towards someone who has done you wrong as they struggle with their own karmic lessons and struggles in life. However, I feel it is sometimes used to as a barrier to true healing. As a shield against the necessary lessons we must learn. As a protection against the “darkness” that we are so afraid of admitting is within each and every one of us. 

Like the concept of the yin and yang, within all of us there is an aspect of darkness in our light, and an aspect of light in our darkness. What we perhaps fail to understand and acknowledge, is that darkness, although it is by definition an absence of light, does not, by definition, mean bad. 

In fact, darkness, is an absolute necessity to our own personal development and growth, on a physical, mental and soul level. On a physical level, we need the dark part of the day to encourage our bodies to rest. We begin our life in the womb, and there is certainly no LED lighting or sunshine in there. We SHINE and BLOOM in the sun, but we GROW in the darkness. 


On a mental level, we benefit from times of darkness to make us aware of what is not serving our highest good at this present time in life. Periods of darkness encourage us to retreat, and spend time reflecting inwards, slowing building the courage to make essential changes in our life. 

On a soul level, travelling to the areas of darkness within us, allows us to gain perspective on the karmic lessons we are facing. To piece our soul back together after past trauma, to take ownership of our actions, behaviours and emotions that are not supporting our highest good or our soul path. 

When I first stepped upon the shamanic path, I felt that I was here as a light being to ward of the forces of darkness, my soul and vibration driving through the darkness like a light saber. I fought the darkness. Sometimes I won. Sometimes I made the lesson much more difficult to learn. I envisaged the path as “us” against “them”. I misunderstood the whole point of the game. 

Because that is what it really comes down to. A game, a great divine lesson plan, a dance between the light and the dark, the highs and lows. The objective is not to defeat one dance partner and tango alone. The objective is to learn from both aspects, and to maintain a beautiful and harmonious balance, a gentle melodic flow between the two. 

Dancing with the darkness taught me so much about myself and the way the world works. The way nature works. The storms and the rain, bring darkness, but they are necessary to maintain life. They cleanse and purify and nurture, even though they can be harsh. Sometimes we need to address the darkness within us and ask; “Does this serve me to maintain balance in my life?” Or “Is this showing me an aspect of myself that I need to heal and let go?” 

The sacred journey of healing oneself is not all love and light. It is a world full of beautiful melodies, harmonies and undertones, of all that is, all that was and all that will be. Our human adventure allows us to play around with the lines of melodies to create a perfect harmonious song, the symphony of our own soul. 


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