You can only clean a house from the inside and the same applies to healing

This article is about taking responsibility for our own healing and lives. This is something that each and everyone of us needs to hear at some stage in our lives to help us to grow into the person we came into this world to be. 

During the last few days, we have passed through the full moon phase, the flower moon, which brings with it healing, emotional shifts and for some a great feeling of restlessness or energy changes. As always, when we are faced with emotional, energetic or life changes, it serves as a reminder to look inwards and seek balance, harmony and rediscover a sense of self from within. 

Community can provide great support during times, of needs and healers can provide moments of ease and support along the way. However, those who wish to truly heal, must commit themselves to the journey involved, the exercises involves, the ups and the downs involved in the process. 

Before entering into the world of holistic healing, I taught for many years, mainly very young children. What I learnt throughout that journey was the great importance of getting the foundation right, the mentality right, the motivation and the understanding of the real reason behind learning right. Success always came down to the same thing. It is not something that you do for others, it is something you do for yourself. 

It is the same thing with healing. Healing and spiritual growth are not something you do for others, it is something you do for yourself. You take the decision to walk the path. And if you decide at any moment that you don’t want to do that anymore, you can always turn around a walk away. 

We must not think of ourselves as empty vessels, waiting to be filled by external healing light, external teachings and influences. We must understand that we have everything that we require to surpass each and every difficulty in our lives within us. The trick is not to open the doors to receiving, the trick is unlocking the treasure chest within ourselves. That is our journey. Sometimes, we require assistance in discovering under which flowerpot the key lies. The key that holds all of the answers to our deepest questions. And that’s fine. But we don’t need anything outside of ourselves to tell us the answers.

Today I do feel a great urge to emphasis the message to take responsibility for your own healing. Don’t play the victim, don’t wait for the savour. You were aware of what lessons were required to be learnt in this life before you were born. On a soul level, you chose them. Throughout each and every experience remember to take the lesson, but do not take on the weight of it. Do not take on the heaviness. Understand that it is an experience, nothing more, nothing less. 

Embrace it. Feel it. Live it. Release it. 

Imagine if everything we ever touched in this world was placed upon our shoulders and carried with us throughout our lives, building up bit by bit. Bizarre as it seems, that is what many of us do with energetic and emotional baggage. We carry it and carry it. If we were charged as much for the emotional baggage we carry through life as we are for baggage on a flight, we would soon start leaving stuff behind, where they belong.

But the thing is, that we aren’t. No one is there to reprimand us for carry too much baggage.


No one will tell you that your energetic blocks are too heavy to carry you through the week in a positive mood.


No one will offer you a trolley or offer to carry your baggage for the day so you can take it easy.


The answer is simple. Because it is not their responsibility. Or sometimes, because they don’t recognise it, and don’t acknowledge it. Therefore it doesn’t even exist in their world. Why? Because, it is your reality and your responsibility. Your emotions, how you feel each and every day. Your reactions. How you react to daily situations each and every day. Your energy. How much rest you get, how much energy you invest in work, your family, your problems etc. Are your responsibility. 

So each and every day, when you wake up in the morning, decide to get up and show up to life. Decide to start taking back control of your emotions, your reactions, your life. If you find yourself reacting badly to a situation or someone, don’t question them, question you. Why are you allowing that situation to affect you? Why are you allowing them to affect you? What can you learn from this?

If nothing else, take away the words below, keep them in your pocket and remind yourself of them if you ever feel yourself feeling overwhelmed in this world. 

True healing is achieved when we do not react, only act. 

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