Yew Elementals has grown from a foundation of holistic health and encouraging self empowerment and healing.

We promote reconnecting with the earth and the elements to relearn what our body and spirit needs to create a balanced emotional and physical state.

We incorporate ancient healing techniques with sound and vibrational healing, along with the promotion of healthy living, through balanced diet and lifestyle.

The Story Begins And Ends With YEW


The Yew Tree has become a symbol of my understanding of our journey through life. The concept of determination – longevity and regeneration – has been epitomised perfectly by the resilience of the Yew. In ancient times, it has been prized as a symbol for life and death, rebirth and eternal life, because of it’s sheer strength and conviction to survive. It does not depend alone on it’s trunk to stay grounded, each of it’s branches can become rooted once in contact with the earth.


This represents our journey as humans on this earth. Like the yew, we face trials and tribulations, life is in a constant state of change, and we must be prepared to re-root, regenerate, leave one life behind and rebuild another at any given time. I have travelled and experienced different cultures and traditions, and through my experiences have learned to branch out, adapt and re root, while attempting to keep my trunk somewhat rooted in Ireland. Just as the branches look to their roots for nutrients to grow and sprout new leaves and fruit, I took the decision to return to my roots, to ground and to receive what nutrients, what gems of knowledge required for my personal growth, that I had neglected to take with me previously.


I began my journey inwards and homewards a number of years ago, under the kind support of many enlightened beings at home, and in gratitude to the ones that handed me the torch, I would not have found my way here without Margaret from Amethyst Health who came to my aid in my times of need, and of course Paul and Melanie from Pathway Teaching with whom I delved into the world of traditional shamanic healing. Like a duck who can’t decide if they want to swim or fly, I interchange between the rainy emerald isle and lands of higher altitudes, furthering my understanding of what it is to be human from the enlightened mystics of Q’ero in the Peruvian Andean Mountains. Music has followed me like my shadow since a child, so it was natural and essential for me to incorporate sound healing into my basket of eggs. With gratitude, the Celtic School of Sound Healing has aided my journey in becoming a qualified Sound Therapist.


With all those eggs sitting in the basket, it was by far time to begin to share the experiences and skills I acquired along the road with others. On that note, Be Yew – Elemental Energy and Sound Healing was founded – encompassing the importance of reconnecting back to nature and the earth, which begins with first resonating with the vibrations of the elements and within that, discovering our own true vibration. 

I hope that, by creating this platform, I can inspire you to inspire yourself to get both out there and in there – explore the beautiful natural world around you and rediscover your inner self – and learn to live, grow and above all, be you. 


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