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Encouraging Self Empowerment and Healing 

Our online school provides easy to follow, guided courses in areas such as meditation, stress management and spiritual practices. 

Whether you are a busy working professional, a corporation or an individual looking for a more in-depth holistic programme, our school offers a range of courses in order to provide a varied approach to holistic wellbeing for all walks of life.

Our Courses

Elemental Journeys

Guided Meditation Programme

Elemental Journeys is based on the elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.

When we understand the elements and their teachings, we can integrate these into our lives and call on their strengths when required.

Be Yew Be Balanced

Stress Management Programme

Comprehensive course which provides you with the awareness and knowledge to help manage the stress of everyday life. 

Learn to build a more harmonious relationship with yourself and your needs in easy to manage steps.

Course includes Step-by-Step guide to identifying your own healthy boundaries, and exercises to help you build wellness and stress management into your daily routine, whether it be in the workplace or at home.

Shamanic sessions

Shamanism helps us to reconnect to our sense of purpose in life, and build a stronger relationship with our selves on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

It is strongly centred around our connection as beings with the earth, and how we relate to it on a human level. Disharmony with the land and nature can lead to disharmony within our physical body, our relationships and distort our outlook on life.

Shamanic Coaching Sessions is a private and tailored three month programme (9 sessions) to help you to:

Realign your energetic centres through daily practice and techniques.

Learn to journey to observe and heal your blocks and trauma on a deeper level.

Learn to communicate and observe the world around you using shamanic techniques.

Elemental Journeys – Earth Guided Meditation

Take a moment to relax and delve into the tranquil earth guided meditation for an insight into our Elemental Journeys programme.

This is the first meditation on the programme, each one is available to download as an mp3 for those enrolled.

Contact Us

Phone: +353 85 2234822

Email: info@yewelementals.com


Would you like to discuss your options to help you decide which therapy or course is the right one for you? 

At Be Yew, we understand that each person is on their own personal and unique journey and we would like to support you in the best possible way.

If you would like to arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs, please select an available time and date and your preferred form of contact.

We look forward to meeting you!

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