Healing Workshop Through the Andean Cosmovision

Join us as we share in the sacred teachings and traditions of the Q’ero community, and the last descendants of the Incas. As we walk the path of healing for the day, we cleanse in deep connection with the elements and mother earth. We create a sacred offering in thanks to Pachamama which we integrate into our traditional fire ceremony, held at the end of the day, symbolically bridging two ancient traditions in gratitude and celebration.

Participants will receive an introduction into the Andean Codes and the Andean Trilogy, which you can then use to integrate a deeper sense of harmony into your everyday lives. As a gift, each participant will receive the harmony rite, which plants seeds of consciousness into each chakra, providing the tools for each and everyone to continue healing in their own time and space.

Spaces are limited to maintain sacred connection and a more personal experience.

Workshop Includes:
Cleansing Ceremony with Earth and Water
Despacho Offering to Pachamama
Intergration and Understanding of Munay
Understanding the Andean Codes and Trilogy
Gift of the Harmony Rite
Closing Fire Ceremony
The energetic exchange for this workshop is €120
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