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The Dawning Of A New Era

The Dawning Of A New Era

Whispers travelled through the winds, from distant lands, forewarning a great upheaval and coming of a malevolent spirit. A spirit which would spread its energy invisibly among the unaware, bring those infected into a state of illness, and those who can do nothing but look onwards, helplessly, into a state of fear...

A spirit, which rose from a bed of unconscious human actions, and grew with a sense of irresponsibility, among those who preferred comfort to survival. A spirit whose energy could not spread alone, which depended on the low vibrational transference from one being to another. A spirit, which, although brings death, destruction and demise on the surface, has not come to bring suffering, but to bring an end to the old way, and initiate us into the new.

For this spirit, cannot be destroyed with hate, only with love. Love for one another. This war we are fighting cannot be won by dividing and conquering, but by uniting and rising together as one global community. This pandemic cannot be eradicated by industry, force or selfish greed, but by protecting life itself, community and the essence of our very existence on earth.

We are witnessing a time when humanity is waking up to the realization that we are to be led, not by materialism, economy or greed, but by healing, compassion and community. We are not led by politicians, bankers and stockholders, but by healers, doctors, nurses and those who dedicate their lives to protecting the sacredness of life.

We are waking up to the stark reality that everything non-essential must be put on hold. For most people, this brings the harsh realization that their lives have been spent focusing on all that is “non-essential”, leaving little space for what’s important.

If we were all truly living, truly alive and living authentically in harmony with what being human really is, this pandemic would not be bringing about a great change of focus. But instead, it has brought the world to it’s knees. It has brought despair for those who face a year without upgrading their car, a cruise holiday, or an extension on their home.

But it has brought hope to those who dream of a better place for future generations to live. It brings an encouraging nudge towards community, family and living a more simple and self-sufficient life. It brings hope to those who have strove to preserve the beauty of nature and natural wonders of the world, that now people are awakening to the realization that our earth is our true, one provider, and must be protected, as such, at all costs.

We are experiencing a crucial moment in the history of humanity. A repeat of the mythological war between Atlantis and Lemuria, a strive to find balance in a world of rapid technological and engineering advancements. A fight between modern conveniences and survival of human life as we know it. We know from the fall of Atlantis, that ultimately, natural forces are stronger than technological advancement. We know that greedy civilizations may fall, but the earth will recover and grow stronger. We know that we are not greater than life itself.

With all this information, knowledge and awareness which exists within us on varying levels of consciousness, let us take this time to contemplate our future. Not as individuals, but as collective beings, striving towards a better world to live in.

A world for those of us who will live to see the break of dawn, after this moment of darkness has passed, in homage to those we have lost in the process. And for those who will sit around the fire, in years to come, telling tales of their ancestors, and how they faced their own mortality on a global level, and how they used this moment to preserve human communal existence and rebuild a better world, for future generations to come.

Utilising the essence of winter to heal and grow from within


Winter can be a particularly difficult time of year for many. It can appear that the world is shroud in darkness. A period of rest and stagnation, which brings a sense of unease to many. 

Weather often prevents us from getting out and about as much as we would like to. I think back to the many times I have had the best intentions upon waking to get out and go hiking, only to look outside and see the miserable weather presenting itself for the day. It’s a time of restrictions and impediments placed upon us due to minimal daylight hours, poor weather conditions and the sheer lack of motivation that comes with it all. 

Or are we mistaken and just disconnected from the true essence of it all? Is winter really a dreary time of the year, or have we become so out of touch with the essence and natural cycle of the seasons that we fail to realise the beauty and healing nature of the winter months?

Winter is not a time of death and depression and miserable weather. It is a time of retreat and rebirth. Nature knows this, our ancestors knew this, and now it is time for us to remember this. 

Plants become dormant in winter. Respiration slows down, photosynthesis slows down and the vital force of the plant retreats downwards into the earth. It doesn’t do this because it is dying, it does this so that it can replenish and rebuild it’s strength for when the weather begins to warm and it can begin to grow once more in spring. 

We can understand a lot about the our natural life cycle from that of the plants.

We tend to feel sluggish and unmotivated in winter. That’s because winter is not a time for pushing yourself and “getting out there”. Our bodies know what we need, but in today’s world, we are expected to be on the ball 24/7, 365 days of the year, giving 100% without fail. This is a major reason why so many people suffer from stress and become completely out of sync with their own bodies. 

So, what should we be doing instead? What can we do to become more in sync with our natural environment?

Become synchronised with nature, the elements and seasons doesn’t have to be a huge challenge, nor does it have to take more than 5 mins each day. There are many ways in which you can incorporate simple energetic exercises into your daily routine, without it taking up much of your time. Here are some great examples to get you in sync and connected:

  1. Grounding Meditations: Take five minutes, before you go to sleep or when you are sitting down to relax in the evening. You can find simple free guided meditations on youtube or check out a couple of my recorded meditations on my facebook page. As you connect deep down into the centre of the earth, imagine that you are back in mother earths womb, or in a small seed. Gather the nutrients you need to heal and replenish your life force, and get ready to  sprout through the surface into a wonderful, balanced and re-energised powerful being!
  2. Reflection: Dedicate five minutes in the day to tuning into your energy field, emotions and lifestyle. Address anything that no longer serves you, whether it is holding you back or keeping you on the wrong path. Let it go. Release it. You don’t need it. Replace it with light energy and start making space in your life for new opportunities and energy to flow!
  3. Rest: Winter is a time of recuperation and a time of keeping a slower pace. Slow down, reduce your own expectations of yourself and allow yourself time to rest. Take five minutes to just sit, or have a cup of nice, warm tea. This five minutes is a gift, from you, to you. It is a symbol of self-appreciation, love and care. 

Each day you can choose one of the above exercises or create your own! Little by little, you will find yourself become more in sync with your own needs this winter, and with the season’s essence itself.

Each exercise brings a sense of peace and ease, and most importantly, encourages self care. Don’t be part of the rat race this winter, be connected to yourself, to nature, to life itself. Be You!


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