Workshops, Events and Outdoor Programmes

All Be Yew Events and Programmes are tailored to the individual needs of groups, companies and individuals. 

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Hike to heal

Hike to Heal uses natural beauty surroundings to promotes healthy body and mind, and encourages long-term self care and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Each hike is an inward journey of healing, stress relief and finding your inner strength.

We hike to heal, as individuals and as a community.

be yew event

Be Yew Events combine decadence with gentle energy and sound healing activities to rebalance our energetic fields, de-stress and clear the mind, soul and body.

Each event is all inclusive, and our locations are carefully chosen to reflect the high value and standards Be Yew places in the wellbeing of our participants.

Each location is set within beautiful natural surroundings, with excellent indoor facilities and award winning cuisine.

If you would like to book a private Be Yew Event for your company, or for friends or family, please contact us with your requirements.

tailored event

Are you looking for a wellness programme to suit the needs of your company?

Would you like a Hen’s Party with a focus on balance and harmony, in a luxury setting?

Would you like to combine your ideas with our services to create a unique wellness event?

Whatever your needs are, we can tailor an event to meet your requirements.

Walking with the Áos Sídhe

Walking with the Áos Sídhe invites us to walk the land in contemplation and awareness, allowing us to be immersed in the ancient energies of the land, and the teachings that brings us.

Each site we visit is steeped in history, mythological lore and symbolism while allows us to glimpse into the world of those who lived thousands of years ago and reflect on whether their understanding of life can help us to better understand ours.

Songs of the sea

There is so much more to Ireland than just the magic of the luscious green land visible to the eye. The deep seabeds of the Atlantic hold within themselves tales of mythical beings who pranced upon the lands, some bringing blessings and healing, some wreaking havoc as they trundled down valleys and over rolling hills.

Join us as we connect to the energies of the Atlantic ocean, to understand the songs it sings, which help us to understand not only the sheer strength and awe the sea embodies, but also how to channel that energy within us, connecting to the 70% of our own physical body, which is made up of water.

Wellness in the workplace

At Be Yew, we work with companies to tailor an exclusive wellness in the workplace programme or presentation, specifically designed to address the needs of the company and the challenges being faced by management and staff. 

Designed to provide essential knowledge on identifying stress in your workplace, we provide tips and exercises to help you bring more balance and a sense of wellbeing into your everyday work life.

Programmes can be delivered in house or online through our own interactive course platform, which allows participants individual access to course material and live presentations.

Theme Based Presentations

The first step to personal development is opening your mind, and heart, to new ways of thinking, new perspectives and new forms of  living.

Be Yew is founded on the concept of teaching to empower others to empower themselves. We also offer workshops and talks on individual  topics, such as stress management, identifying personal boundaries, modern day applications on the ancient teachers of our ancestors, among others.

If you would like to arrange a talk in your facility, please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas and we can discuss and develop a programme to suit your needs.

BE YEW be balanced

This programme was specially designed to bring balanced into our everyday lives and to help to not only reduce stress, but to identify our own personal boundaries so that we are better equipped to identify our limits, both in our personal lives and in the workplace.  

This programme is available as both an in-house workshop and will be available shortly through our online school. As with all of our programmes, this can be tailored to your individual needs and can be extended or shortened to meet your requirements. The minimum duration is 4 hours, with the maximum recommended duration over 2 days in workshop format.


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